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Tankard : de retour au studio

Par • 19 Mar, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

Album pour bientôt

Retrouvez Tankard en studio dans la vidéo suivante en vue d’un nouvel album prévu courant 2012

Un clip publié par Nuclear Blast qui est très fier d’avoir pu recruter la formation teutonne, qui compte déjà 30 ans d’existence.

Commentaires originaux des 2 parties suite à l’aboutissement et la signature de ce nouveau deal :

 Gerre, chanteur de Tankard, commente:

“As the want-away footballers always say: I’m looking for a new athletic challenge……. baloney! We’ve only inked a deal with Nuclear Blast because they’ve offered most prest-money for a transfer…. hahaha okay, seriousness aside: We’re totally happy to have found accommodation at the metal label no.1 and are chuffed about the collaboration, hoping that this will give TANKARD a big boost in their 30th year of existence! It took quite a while ‘til we came ashore here, but then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day, as we all know!”

Andy Siry (Head of A&R  Nuclear Blast) ajoute:

”From the ‚Hardcore Party 1987’ in Oberursel (live Tankard, Angel Dust and Destruction) on I’ve taken TANKARD into my heart. With the signing of TANKARD’s contract, the “best case scenario” has finally come to pass. I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve come to an agreement with our Hessian buddies – even though I’ll unfortunately suffer from the signing party’s aftermath for some more days, haha. Joke apart. I’m very happy that TANKARD will be members of the Nuclear Blast family from now on and will enrich our roster of dyed-in-the-wool thrash metal bands. And announcing this new signing on Valentine’s Day proves that this is more than just a business matter to us. After 25 years of “concubinage” we’ve finally tied the knot in the big anniversary year (25 years of Nuclear Blast, 30 years of Tankard). By the way: We’re expecting our first offspring to be born this summer.”

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