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Stratovarius : nouveau batteur

Par • 21 Juin, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

le choix est fait

Stratovarius a désigné son nouveau batteur.

Il s’agit de Rolf Pilve, âgé de 24 ans et qui aura la lourde tâche de succéder à Jorg Michael.

Commentaires du groupe au sujet de ce nouveau batteur

« Although the competition was fierce, Rolf was clearly the best one of the bunch. His precise playing, sureness and right attitude was there right away. He has an astonishing technique and to top that of he has a very musical way of playing, so he can bring something of his own into our old songs as well. Rolf has played a variety of different styles of metal, so fast tempos or more progressive parts will not be a problem. Whatever songs we might compose in the future – I have no doubt that he will be able to play them. », says singer Timo Kotipelto, commenting on the new drummer’s abilities.

« I had prepared for the audition thoroughly, learning all the songs we agreed on, with the live-endings and everything. In addition to that I had also learned some extra songs just to be safe. Playing with the guys was excellent, and already the next day after the audition I got to hear that I had been the best one of the drummers they had auditioned. What followed was yet another audition where we would play more casually and jam », says the newly chosen drummer.

The band received more than 100 applications, some of them very competent and high caliber Finns, but also included were some foreign drummers who had already made a name for themselves.

Autre commentaire de Timo Kotipelto : « He had to be a really good player, but also a nice guy. We were not looking for a Jörg Michael clone. “

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