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R.O.F : nouveau deal

Par • 12 Déc, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

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AFM rec. est fier d’annoncer la signature pour une distribution mondiale des légendaires Rhapsody Of Fire.

RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s signature sound, consisting of Power Metal, soundtrack-like elements and classical influences gave a new meaning to the word “epic” since the release of “Legendary Tales” in 1997 and was a formula that many bands tried to copy– but never came even close.

Commented the band: « After playing the ‘From Chaos To Eternity World Tour 2012’
all around Europe, Canada, North America and Latin America, we became even more
excited and motivated to continue building our career and creating new exciting music. So now
we are finally proud to announce that RHAPSODY OF FIRE signed with a great label such as AFM.
That’s a new great epic start and we already started working on different projects.
More news to follow ».

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