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My Dynamite chez Listenable

Par • 13 Sep, 2011 • Catégorie: Actualités

Rock ‘n roll

 Listenable rec. annonce la signature de My Dynamite, deal qui aboutira sur la sortie en 2012 d’un nouvel album.


 Australia is unveiling another one of its incredible rock ‘n roll talent: MY DYNAMITE!

 MY DYNAMITE bring a range of influences including blues, Soul and Classic 100% RocknRoll to the band, making for a unique and potent brew that is all their own.

 Taking cues from the sounds of the Humble Pie, The Faces, Black Crowes, with a healthy dose of Led Zepplin-esque rock riffs and Stones attitude thrown in for good measure,

 MY DYNAMITE draws a healthy respect for the greats and turns it into a contemporary and irresistible sound with a firm focus on getting the party started. !

 Their new album will be released in early 2012. Get ready for this furious dose of soulful rock.




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