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Ministry : album à la rentrée

Par • 21 Juin, 2013 • Catégorie: Actualités

le titre révèlé

AFM rec. annonce la sortie d’un nouvel album studio pour Ministry

Prévu dès la rentrée, ce nouveau s’intitulera « from beer to eternity »

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Premier communiqué et réactions de Al Jourgensen, leader de Ministry

We have never, in the history of Ministry, ever had a tracking session like that before, » states Jourgensen, « everything went so smoothly, it was surreal.  And Mikey was so on fire and inspired, and really a driving force for this record. »  After returning from Scaccia’s funeral in Dallas, and shouldering the weight of grief as well as the desire to honor his fallen comrade, Jourgensen locked himself in his studio with his engineer and co-producer Sammy D’Ambruoso for three excruciating months.  “There was no choice,” Jourgensen says of the bittersweet production process.  “During the tracking sessions, Mikey was smiling and going, ‘You know what, Al?  This is by far and away the best Ministry album we’ve ever done together. This is awesome.’  I’m super proud of “From Beer To Eternity”  because it’s my tribute to Mikey’s incredible talent, and I feel it honors him and all of the years we spent together making music.”

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