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Katana prépare la suite

Par • 1 Mar, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

Storms of war

Katana, formation suédoise, que le monde entier a découvert l’annéee dernière, annonce déjà un nouvel album (via Listenable rec)  pour le mois de mai 2012.

Titre choisi de ce nouvel opus : «Storms of war»

Extrait du communiqué original:

 » It was once again recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque.
We were very focused and determined right from the beginning to create a sound that no one had heard on an album since the 80s. To accomplish this, we and Andy listened alot to albums produced by Martin Birch when mixing and setting the sound. Mostly Rainbow, Heaven and Hell by Black Sabbath, Killers by Iron Maiden and Assault Attack by MSG. It became almost our motto in the studio to ask « How would Martin have done it? » whenever we had doubts about something.
The songs are mostly completely new, mixed in with some very old ideas and stuff that weren´t finished in time for the last recording. « 

 » The band has been around for nearly ten years now, and for the first album we had that long to write the material. This time, most of the songs were written and rehearsed over a period of a couple of months. This has been a challenge, but a positive one that has forced our song writing to its best, and beyond.
We have broken new ground with this album and played around with things that we have never done before, thus widening the range of what we are capable of musically. But at the same time, we feel that we have come a long way in defining a uniqe style and sound for KATANA. I would say the album is as diverse as the first one musically, yet more uniform. »

 » The japanese influences are there, especially in the epic song about the great mongolian emperor Kubilai Khan who twice tried to invade Japan, and failed miserably both times. It is a grand story of japanese history and mythology. But we are not limited by the japanese influences and there are songs on this album that explore both other mythological subjects as well as themes taken from popular culture and everyday life. »

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