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Holy Moses : nouveau guitariste

Par • 13 Mar, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

Willkommen Peter

A quelques semaines de la sortie événement du best-of, Holy Moses annonce le remplacement de Mickael Hankel par Peter Geltat au poste de guitariste.

Line Up :

Oliver Jaath –Guitare rythmique
Sabina Classen – chant
Peter « Pete » Geltat – Guitare
Gerd Lücking – batterie
Thomas Neitsch – Basse


« Hey metal heads,we got some news for you.
For us a change became nescessary. We all together as the band Holy Moses had to seperate from our longtime comrade and guitarist Michael Hankel. This difficult decision is based on personal reasons and we please you to respect that this is a matter between the band and Michael, so we won´t explain this in detail. Even though musicians are part of the public in general there are some things which have to stay private. We thank Michael for everything he did for the band and wish him all the best for his future with Dew Scented and Erosion. Peter « Pete » Geltat (ex Desilence), who already ennobled our 30th Anniversary Album „In The Power Of Now“ with his guitar skills, will lay the stages in ashes with us for the upcoming shows, which he already proved last weekend at our rehearsals at the Absurd Studios in Hamburg. »

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