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FAIR WARNING : « the box »

Par • 4 Juin, 2014 • Catégorie: Actualités

sortie le 13/06

SPV/Steamhammer prévoit la sortie d’un coffret pour Fair Warning

Diponible dès le 16 juin en France, il contient 4 albums studio et un live

fair war




1.Angels of heaven
2.Save me
3. All on your own
4. I’ll be there
5. Man on the moon
6. Without you
7.Follow my heart
8.Rivers of love
10.Eyes of a stranger
11.Sailing home
12. The way you want it
13. The Love song


“Live And More”

1.Angels of heaven
2.I’ll be there
3.Man on the moon
4. Don’t give up
5.Desert song
6. We used to be friends
7.Follow my heart
8. Intro Bach for more/Come on
9. Keyboard Solo/Save me
10. Guitar Solo/ Burning heart
11.Get a little closer
12.Stars and the moon
13. Like a rock
14. Meant to be
15. Out of the night



1.Heart on the run
2.Through the fire
3.Break free
5. Tell me I’ m wrong
6. Dream
7. I fight
8.Time will tell
9.Eyes of love
10.Find my way
11.Night falls
13.For the young


“Brother`s Keeper”

1.Don’t keep me waiting
2.Generation Jedi
3.All of my love
4.Rainbow eyes
5.Push me on
6.Wasted time
7. The cry
8.The way
9.Once bitten, twice shy
10.Tell me lies
11.In the dark
12.All I wanna do


1.Fighting for your love
2.Here comes the heartache
3.Hey girl
4.Don’t count on me
6.Holding on
7.Walking on smiles
9.It takes more
10.As snow white found out
11.Station to station
12.Falling reprise


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