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Enslaved : 3 dates en France

Par • 15 Avr, 2011 • Catégorie: Actualités

en avril

Enslaved passera en France dans le cadre de son « experience Enslaved tour»  pour 3 dates :

Le 23/04 à Lille (Aeronef)
le 24/04 à Limoges (Salle John Lennon)
et le 25/04 à Paris ( Nouveau Casino)


« Friends, finally the time has come to go out on the road again – this time with our own tour through Europe. This marks the grand opening of the 2011 touring cycle (even though we’ve warmed up with some great eastern European shows already), and also a special year for us. During these very dates we will pass the timeline on the exact date when Enslaved was brought into flesh. Yes, folks; Enslaved is turning 20  in 2011! We are looking forward to celebrating this in the best possible way we can imagine (and we have pretty active imaginations!): on the road, playing live shows for the people who lend us their ears and dedication. As always there will be a wild mix of songs from all parts of our career, particularly the really old and the really new; we can assure you that the new songs from « Axioma Ethica Odini » we’ve added to the set kick ass live! It is a short tour but at least a full set and we can assure you that a lot more shows will follow! See you soon! » – ENSLAVED

Experience Enslaved live here:

 APR 22 The Underworld, Camden, London, UK
APR 23 L’Aeronef, Lille, FR
APR 24 John Lennon, LIMOGES, FR
APR 25 Nouveau Casino, Paris, FR
APR 27 De Kade, Zaandam, NL
APR 28 W2, Den Bosch, NL
APR 29 Ragnarök Festival, Stadthalle, Lichtenfels, DE
APR 30 Trix Antwerp, BE

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