Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Saison 20 épisode 10 : la playlist du 2/01/2022 (redif. le 05/01/2022)

Par • 5 Jan, 2022 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

la rétro 2021

Emission spéciale de 3heures avec le meilleur de 2021 diffusé dans l’émission lors de l’année écoulée

DRAGONYgods of warviribus unitis
EKTOMORFand the dead will walkreborn
THERIONel primo solleviathan
IO TUNNlaihem’s golden pitaccess all worlds
MOONSPELLthe hermits sainthermitage
EPICAtwilight reverieomega
EVERGREYescape of the phoenixescape of the phoenix
ORDEN OGANlet the fire rainfinal days
D.O.Gin my worldin my world
SECRET SPHERElifebloodlifeblood
LAST ADDICTIONthe skin on my bonesinner abbyss
ICON OF SINpandemic euphoriaicon of sin
SCAR OF THE SUNinertiainertia
HIRAESunder firesolitary
SOCIAL DISORDERscarslove 2 be hated
HELLOWEENbest timehelloween
FRACTAL UNIVERSEwithering snowdropsthe impassable horizon
CRYPTAechoes of the wolffrom the ashes
LORD OF THE LOSTyour star has led your astrayjudas
POWERWOLFdancing with the deadcall of the wild
SUN OF THE SUNSflesh state driveTIIT
DANKO JONESI want outpower trio
IRON MAIDENdays of future pastsentjutsu
BRAINSTORM glory disappearswalk of skulls
ETERNAL FLIGHTyou and I survive
WHYZDOMwarof wonders and war
ORKHYShomea way
MANIMALforged in metalarmageddon
TRIVIUMno way back just throughin the court of the dragon
NO ONE IS INNOCENTnous sommesennemis
DAWN HARBORforsaken pathhalf a world away
DRACONICONdark side of magicdark side of magic
CRADLE OF FILTHhow many tears…existence is futile
MASTODONpushing the tideshushed and grim
DEATH DECLINEthe silent paththe silent path
AEPHANEMERantigonedream of wilderness
BLACK HELLEBOREmy differencedisorder
ELDRITCHfailure of faitheos
VOLBEATbecomingservants of the mind
STAHLMANNwillst duquartz

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