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Saison 17 épisode 05: la playlist du 11/11/2018 (redif. le 14/11)

Par • 12 Nov, 2018 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission


BROTHERS of METAL , nouveau venu sur la scène métal,en découverte dans cette nouvelle session :

ENSIFERUM  twilight tavern from afar
BROTHERS OF METAL  son of odin prophecy of ragnarok
SKULL PIT year of the dog skull pit
THE OCEAN  ordivicium phanerozoic 1 : paleozoic
MASS HYSTERIA  l’antre ciel ether maniac
SHUFFLE  switch to the otherside won’t they fade
METAL CHURCH  damned if you do damned if you do
 GAMA BOMB  give me teather speed between the lines
 CHROME DIVISION  walk away in shame one last ride
 BURNING WITCHES open your eyes hexenhammer
 KALIDIA  frozen throne  the frozen throne
 KORPIKLAANI  kuin korpi nukkuva kuljuja
 BROTHERS OF METAL  prophecy of ragnarok prophecy of ragnarok
DUST IN MIND  from ashes to flames from ashes to flames
 BLACK BRIAR  I’d rather run we’d rather run E.P
 LACUNA COIL  nothing stands our way (live) the 119 live
 MASS INFECTION  to the lords of revusion the shadows become flesh
 GHOST TOWER  of untimely death head of the night
 ENTHEOS  pulse of a new era dark future
BEYOND CREATION  the inversion algorythm
GOROD  bekten’s curse  aethra
 ABSOLVA  who dares wins defiance
 IT CAME FROM BENEATH  decline decline
 BROTHERS OF METAL  we believe in metal prophecy of ragnarok
 WHYZDOM  the page as time turns to dust

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