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Saison 17 épisode 02: la playlist du 16/09/2018 (redif. le 19/09)

Par • 17 Sep, 2018 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

Nouvelle programmation avec le nouvel album d’ ETHERNITY en découverte :

KAMELOT  the black halo the black halo
ETHERNITY  beyond dread the human race extinction
THE OSIRIS CLUB  island of stone island of stone
VOODOO  lay me to rest ashes
DRAGONY  killers with the cross  sacrament of sin
POWERWOLF  if it bleeds, we can kill it  masters of the multiverse
GRAVE DIGGER  fear of the living dead the living dead
 FLAYED  fairy tale  empty power parts
 BLACK MIRRORS  gunther kimmich  look into the black mirror
FUNNY UGLY CUTE KARMA  on the run before it was cool
BLACK BOMB A  greed black bomb a
PSYCHOID  we kick your ass trash impact
 TANTARA  punish the punisher sum of forces
 ETHERNITY  artificial souls the human race extinction
 LACUNA COIL  blood, tears, dust -live the 119 show-live in London
 ALTER BRIDGE addicted to pain -live live at the royal Albert Park
 GHOST  square hammer- live live redemption
 KOMMANDANT  blood eel blood eel
 MONSTROSITY solar vacuum the passage of existence
 SIEGE OF POWER  bulldozing skulls warning blast
 NIGHT DEMON  life on the run live live darkness
 ELVENSTORM ritual of summoning the conjuring
 PAIN OF SALVATION  ashes the perfect element part 1
 VOIVOD always moving the wake
ETHERNITY rise of droids the human race extinction

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