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Saison 12 épisode 17 : la playlist du 5/01/2013 (redif le 8/01)

Par • 6 Jan, 2014 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

rétro 2013 suite

Suite et fin de la rétro 2013 avec le meilleur entre juillet et décembre

 EXCELSIS uetchland vochrieger u drache
 LAWLESS  pretender rock savage
 DEADLOCK I’m gone arsonist
POWERWOLF sacred and wild preachers of the night
 CHIMAIRA new apocalypse crown of phantoms
 SOIL  the hate song whole
TARJA  victim of ritual  colours in the dark
REVAMP the anatomy of nervous… wild card
 VISTA CHINO sweet remains peace
 MONO INC a better way to die nimmermehr
 SALTATIO MORTIS my bonnie mary das schwarze einmaleins
ASHES OF ARES the messenger ashes of ares
 CUBE  mas v2  identité
 THE MISSION  everything but the squeal  the brightest light
 MINISTRY lesson unlearned from beer to eternity
DARK AGE afterlife a matter of trust
IN EXTREMO feuertaufe kunstraub
 DREAM THEATER along for the ride dream theater
 THE ANSWER scream a louder love new horizon
EPYSODE file 4180 fantasmagoria
SOULFLY master of savagery savages
RUNNING WILD sailing fire resilient
 ANNIHILATOR wrapped festa
 HOLY CROSS from past to dust place your bets
 LODZ follow the crowd  something in us died
 DOYLE friendly fire monolith
MONSTER MAGNET  hallelujah last patrol
 PLACE VENDOME my heart is dying thunder in the distance
DARKHAUS son of a gun my only shelter
 LEAVES EYES angel and the ghost symphonies of the night
 BAD TRIPES les noces de sang splendeurs et vicsères
 OPERADYSE keeper of the flame pandemonium
 RHAPSODY OF FIRE  a tale of magic  dark wings of steel
 HUMAN FORTRESS child of war raided land
IRON MASK one commandment fifth son of winterdoom
 BENEDICTUM fighting for my life  obey
 CRYSTAL VIPER marked of the heoned one possession
 SILENT FORCE born to be a fighter rising from ashes
 FATAL SMILE  born to be a fighter rising from ashes
 BLACK MESSIAH wildsau heimweh

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