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Saison 11 épisode 39 : la playlist du 30/06/2013 (redif. le 3/07)

Par • 1 Juil, 2013 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

la victoire éveillée

Victorius en découverte et un second album à apprécier d’urgence


SILENT FORCE  man and machine walk the earth
 VICTORIUS starfire the awakening
EDENBRIDGE the invisible force  the bounding
 BLACKMORE’S NIGHT the last leaf  dancer and the moon
 SISTER SIN fall into my dreams  dance of the wicked
 MEGADETH kingmaker super collider
 C.O.B transference halo of blood
 AMON AMARTH shape shifter deceiver of gods
 SCORPION CHILD salvation slave scorpion child
 DEEP PURPLE first sign of madness  now what !?
BLACK SABBATH god is dead  ??  13
 REBELLIOUS SPIRIT  forever young  gamble shot
 VICTORIUS   Kings reborn  the awakening
 CHIMAIRA crowns of phantoms crowns of phantoms
 DARK TRANQUILITY for broken words construct
AUTOPSY coffin crawlers the headless ritual
SUMMONING evernight old morning dawn
 PALE HORSE don’t bitch my shit harn starts here
 INCITE  the slaughter all out war
LODY KONG monkey always look  no rules
 SOULFLY bastard enslaved
 THE GREAT DIVIDE leave tomorrow  tales of innocence..
 Q.O.T.S.A if I had a tail like clockwork
 FIREWIND heading for the dawn apotheosis live 2012
 VICTORIUS black sun the awakening
DEAD CAN DANCE  amnesia anastasis

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