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Saison 12 épisode 25 : la playlist du 9/03 (redif le 12/03)

Par • 12 Mar, 2014 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission


Trois titres extraits du premier album de Azoria au sommaire des nouveautés de cette nouvelle émission


 STRATOVARIUS I’m still alive  elements part 2
 AZORIA love it loud seasons change
THE INTERSPHERE thanks for nothing relations in the unseen
 CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX let’s have an apocalypse now white light generator
 MAGNUM too many clowns escape from the shadow garden
 ADX divine menace  ultimatum
 COLOSSUS evolution failure lobotocracy
 MACBETH last night in Shangai neo gothic propoaganda
 AJENDA hatred and greed unrecognizable
 DELAIN stardust the human contraddiction
 CONAN horns for teeth  blood eagle
 DEVIL’S HEAVEN mean street city heaven of north
 AZORIA  when you sleep seasons change
ETHS crucifère (live)  ex umbra in solem
 CLAWFINGER the truth  deafer dumber blinder
 SHORES OF NULL  kings of null quiescence
 M.U.R  4 M.U.R
EARTH CRISIS shiver salvation of innocents
 DEAD COWBOY’S SLUTS  I will hunt you down  the end of death
 INFEKTED betrayal hexacosio…
 GLIESERS a new era E.P
 AMON SETHIS pyramid’s book the prophecy part 1
 IN ARKADIA skinning the slaves eyes of the archetype
 THE SEVEN GATES all is in all angel of suffering
 DESTINITY in sorrow XI reasons to see
 AZORIA starlight seasons change

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