Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Emission du 26/05/2013 (redif le 29/05)

Par • 28 Mai, 2013 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

prog’ non stop

Redif’ en partie de l’émission du 14/04/2013, 2h sans blablah + quelques bonus !!!

 DIO  why are they watching me lock up the wolves
IN FLAMES only for the weak clayman
AMORPHIS enchanted by the moon circles
DEEP PURPLE all the time in the world now what !?
UFO wonderland seven deadly
KINGDOM COME god doen’t sing our song outlier
TRACER el pistolero pistolero
NO POSSESSION BLUES oil pit shuffle no possession blues
D.A.D fast whells dic.nii.lan.aft.erd.ark
VOKBEAT room 24 outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR one more minute C’mon take on me
MASTERCASTLE silver eyes on fire
VANDROYA the last free land one
AMORPHIS hopeless day circles
WHITESNAKE fool for your loving (live) made in Japan
IRON MAIDEN Can I play with madness (live) maiden England 88
AXEL RUDI PELL strong as rock (live) live on fire
AZURE EMOTE carpe diem the gravity of impermanence
SHADOWCRAFT the light of apollo principle of chaos
EMMURE MDMA slave to the game
CHELSEA GRIN don’t ask don’t tell evolve EP
MORDIGGAN héros french steel compil’
ENTROPIA man of thousand faces black drops in a clear water
MORPHOSS possessed demo
AMORPHIS shades of gray circles
 HELLOWEEN far from the stars straight out of hell
 SONATA ARCTICA  alone in heaven  stone grows her name

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