Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Emission du 24/02/2012

Par • 27 Fév, 2012 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

prog’ non stop

Petit programme musical de 2h avec une sélection d’albums sortis en 2011

KATANA rebel ride heads will roll
SKANSIS back from war leaving you
ELECTRIC BOYS my heats not for sale and them boys done wrong
BLOODBOUND in the dead of night unholy cross
ARTAS no pasaran riotology
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY genghis kahn blunt force trauma
HAVOK scumbag in disguise time is up
BATTLELORE olden gods doombound
MIDNATTSOL spellbound the metamorphosis melody
DALRIADA hord el isten igeret
IN EXTREMO sternenreisen sternenreisen
EISBRECHER die engel eiskalt
MANTUS staub zeichen
FOO FIGHTERS miss the misery wasting light
SLASH beautiful dangerous slash
UDO fairy tales of victory rev-raptor
SCHEEPERS remission of sin scheepers
PIEL DE SERPIENTE rabia inevitable
WITCHHUNTER speedkiller crystal demons
TWISTED TOWER DIRE the stone make it dark
WARRANT show must go on warrant
X-JAPAN jade single
GRAVE DIGGER the ballad of Mary The ballad (single)
AMON AMARTH slaves of fear surtur rising
LAKE OF TEARS taste of hell illwill
ONE WITHOUT leaving traces sweet relief
DEADLOCK htrae bizarro world
WITHIN TEMPTATION a demon’s fate the unforgiving

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