Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Emission du 23/08/2015 (redif.S08/E17 )

Par • 24 Août, 2015 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

nouvelle prog’

L’été de puissance metal se poursuit avec un florilège de titres enchaînés durant 2 heures

CHERRY LIPS mean hot and nasty cherry lips
CKY plagued by images carver city
ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW tears of autumn rain children of the dark waters
DARK THE SUNS the dead end all ends in silence
TRAIL OF TEARS the feverish alliance bloodstained endurance
IRON MAIDEN can I play with madness (live) flight 666
EDGUY lavatory love machine (live) fucking with f***
STRATOVARIUS higher we go polaris
TIM RIPPER OWENS starting over play my game
PRIMAL FEAR killbound 16.6 (before the evil.. )
STREAM OF PASSION in the end the flame within
FAIRYLAND assault on the shore score to a new beginning
AMORPHIS sky is mine skyforger
JORN LANDE the last revolution spirit black
SUSPERIA another turn attitude
STEADLUR bumpin steadlur
HYSTERICA halloween metal war
RAM blood god lightbringer
MANIMAL dreamers and fools the darkest room
GRAVEWORM new disorder diabolical figures
CHRIS CAFFERY big brother house of insanity
DEVIL DRIVER another night in London pray for vilains
TORMENT nothing to repent tormentizer
LEAVE’S EYES my destiny njord
MC BETH unter dem beil gotteskrieger
REBELLION asgard the history of vikings III
INMORIA come insanity invisible wounds
THE 69 EYES dead’n gore back in blood
DARZAMAT king of the burning anthems solfernus path
UDO infected dominator
AXXIS utopia utopia
HOLYHELL apocalypse holyhell
 IRON MAIDEN speed of light  single
ANDY DERIS must be dreaming don’t listen to the radio

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