Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Emission du 16/08/2015 (redif. S9E17)

Par • 16 Août, 2015 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

programmation d’été

2h de métal non stop’

IRON MASK only the good die young shadow of the red baron
ASPERA torn apart ripples
ORDEN OGAN all these dark years easton hope
FOZZY watch me shine chasing the grail
CREMATORY out of mind infinity
FREEDOM CALL thundergod legend of the shadowking
GAMMA RAY all you need to know to the metal
THE MURDER OF MY SWEET bleed me dry divanity
DOMMIN tonight love is gone
RAGE purified strings to a web
BLAZE BAYLEY madness & sorrow promises & terror
MORTEMIA the new desire misere mortem
VAN CANTO tribe of force tribe of force
CHARLY SAHONA raise the shadows naked thoughts from a silent chaos
FEAR FACTORY metallic division mechanize
DESTINITY when they stand still XI reasons to see
AUDREY HORNE down like suicide s/t
KARMIK LINK whispers on a breeze esoterica
DARK TRANQUILITY her silent language we are the void
FINNTROLL norskenstad nifelvind
OBDURATED cauterize the answers within
SCORPIONS sting in the tail sting in the tail
AIRBOURNE my dynamite will… no guts, no glory
NEVERLAND will of god ophidia
ALIVE INC say good bye 669
ERA NOVA neverending war children of alcyone
RATT garden of eden infestation
RAIN TIME one day psychromatic
AVANTASIA your love is evil thewicked symphony
MASTERPLAN far from the end of the world time to be king
KNEIPENTERRORISTEN wir fahr’n ans Kap wir fahr’n ans Kap
SUBWAY TO SALLY fur immer mitgift
DIE FRAKTION Schwarz Rot Gold Schwarz Rot Gold
DIARY OF DREAMS house of odds elegies in darkness

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