Puissance Métal, Métal Féminin, Heavy, Black et Death Métal

Emission du 14/08/2011 (redif le 17/08)

Par • 18 Août, 2011 • Catégorie: Les playlists de l'émission

fin de la rétro

Suite et fin de la rediffusion de la rétrospective 2010.

VOLBEAT a better believer beyond hell/above heaven
TRAUMATISME hot & nasty horrorwoods rock II
THERION intro/Sita Hara Sitra hara
BAD TRIPES wish phase terminale
SAMMSARA utopia …with damage
ELVENKING your heroes are dead red silent tides
CIRCLE II CIRCLE consequence of power consequence of power
LORDI I’m bigger than you babez for breakfast
BLASPHEME carpe diem briser le silence
KISKE/SOMERVILLE arise Kiske/somerville
ANGRA lease of life (remix) aqua
DRAGONFORCE strike of the ninja (live) twilight dementia
GRAVE DIGGER spider the clans will rise again
HELLOWEEN the sage, the fool, the sinner 7 sinners
CITY OF FIRE rising city of fire
ALTERBRIDGE I knew it hurts AB III
AUSPEX setsunaki tabi heliopause
HYDROGYN too late judgement
TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA fate Beethoven’s last night
SYMPHORCE until it’s over unrestricted
STAR ONE human see, human do victims of the modern age
CRADLE OF FILTH chrch of the sacred heart dark, darkly venus aversa
ALLEN/LANDE turn all into gold the showdown
SEBASTIEN phoenix rising tears of white roses
CLOVER SEEDS calling me down the opening
SYRENS CALL perfidious paradise raging waters
POISON SUN excited virtual sin
NACHTGESCHREI hinter deinen augen ardeo
TANKARD rules for fools vol(l)ume 14
MOTÖRHEAD I know what you need the world is yours
SEVENTH WONDER wiseman the great escape

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