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Symfonia : « in paradisium »

Par • 12 Fév, 2011 • Catégorie: Actualités


Evoqué en novembre 2010, le super-projet Symfonia avance avec l’annonce d’un deal avec Edel germany pour la distribution du premier album « in paradisum » pour lequel le visuel vous est dévoilé ci-dessous :

Sortie le 1er avril avec mise en ligne d’extraits audio dès le 25 février prochain.

Extrait du communiqué de presse:

Edel Germany GmbH, in cooperation with Hamburg based international marketing office IAM -International Artist Marketing, is proud to announce the signing of a worldwide distribution deal (excluding Asia) with Symfonia for their debut album „In Paradisum“.

Carrying the legacy of names such as Stratovarius – Angra –Helloween and Sonata Artica, Symfonia is one of the most awaitedmetal bands to make their debut this year.

Recorded and mixed in Sweden, Finland and Italy, the album “In Paradisum” represent a peak in the career of this incredible group of musicians who have written some of the most successful and exciting pages of the last 15 years of heavy metal.

For all the fans who can´t wait for the release of the album on April 1st, Symfonia will reveal their music in their player on http://www.symfonia.fi commencing February 25th with snippets of various songs from the forthcoming album being made available every Friday.

Symfonia will make its world premiere on February 18th, 2011 at the Finnish Metal Expo, an
international metal meeting, where they will take the stage at 11pm in the evening.

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