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Strato : Kotipelto à la tv finnoise

Par • 8 Avr, 2014 • Catégorie: Actualités

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Stratovarius annonce que le chanteur Kotipelto fera partie du jury de l’émission de talent show « tahdet, tahdet » de la chaîne finnoise mtv3 ce dimanche 13 avril

Communiqué :

Timo will be coaching Finnish super star singers into the world of heavy metal on a tv-show next Sunday. The show started out a few weeks ago with 8 singers. And now we are down to 5. They have been singing rap, 80’s pop, opera and now it’s time for heavy rock. It has been quite interesting for Timo to work with professional singers from different music styles.

Not sure if you can see the link or the show abroad but you can try to click this:

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