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NO BROS : nouvel album

Par • 27 Avr, 2016 • Catégorie: Actualités

sortie le 27/05

Pure Steel rec. sortira fin mai le nouveau No Bros comportant les titres suivants (infos du format vinyl):

no bro

Seite A

1. Legends Of The Eighties
2. Back Again
3. Devil With An Angel’s Face
4. Dark Chamber
5. A Night In Touch City
Seite B

6. Over The Sea And Far Away
7. Metal Marines
8. Dance Of The Black Tattoo
9. Find Myself
10. John Doe (Bonustrack)
Seite C

1. Written In Fire
2. Runaway Girl
3. Song Number Nine
4. In The Shadow Of The Galley
Seite D

5. Pandämonium (Nostalgic Intro)
6. Ready For The Action (Remix)
7. Toy For The Wind (New Version)
8. Black Maiden (Remastered)
9. Be My Friend (Remastered)
10. Heavy Metal Party (Radio Edit)

Total Playing: 80:13 min

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