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Kingdom Come : album en avril

Par • 31 Jan, 2013 • Catégorie: Actualités


SPV/Sony annonce le 29 avril (le 26 en Allemagne) comme date de sortie du nouvel album de Kingdom Come.


Un album intitulé « outlier »

Réaction de Lenny Wolf, chanteur du groupe:

 “I simply felt the need to delve deep inside of me and run riot in the infinite expanse of the audio cosmos. The result is a friction of mercilessly mechanical, heartless sound collages, combined with my typical melancholy-melodious style,” Wolf explains the album’s artfully interwoven experimental approach to his sound, which never detracts from the familiar atmospheric basic mood of his songs. “A whole number of souls happen to dwell in my breast, which is why experimentation and the development of my musical existence simply belong together.”


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