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H.O.S IV à lyon le 17/10/2011

Par • 8 Sep, 2011 • Catégorie: Actualités


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  1. communiqué :Mauvaise nouvelle: VISIONS OF ATLANTIS ne sera pas présent pour la 4ème édition du festival:

    « Dear fans of Visions of Atlantis! Due to some problems concerning the voice and health of our male singer Mario Plank ,who is completely irreplacable for any VoA Live-Show, we are forced to cancel the upcoming shows together with our friends of Leaves` Eyes! And as we`re recording our first Live DVD on th…e 23rd of October we have to do everything bringing him back on 120% capacity which won`t be possible doing another 4 gigs before! We are very sorry for this as we were really looking forward doing these shows but not under these circumstances and we hope you can understand and respect this decision for a 120% VoA show and against some maybe just 50 percent VoA shows with the risk of the cancellation of our whole Live DVD-Production which will be released for everyone to enjoy in 2012! Yours VoA“

    Stream Of Passion est confirmé en remplacement

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