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Grave Digger : un des fossoyeurs s’en va

Par • 11 Oct, 2009 • Catégorie: Actualités

Manni Shmidt  quitte le groupe

Manni Schmidt le guitariste du combo allemend a décidé d’un commun accord avec le reste du groupe de mettre un terme à l’aventure « grave Digger » suite à des problèmes d’ambiance au sein du groupe

le groupe est en phase de réflexion concernant son remplacement


( pour les lecteurs anglophones)
extrait de la news originale extraite du site de « the grave digger »

« we have to make an announcement that most of you probably never expected.
A band like GRAVE DIGGER has to develop constantly. The problem is that this is only possible if the musicians have the same goal and the same attitude.
And they have to feel good with what they are doing.
If you have some permanent stress in the band, there is no more productive work possible and in the long run the music suffers from this situation.
Unfortunately there were so many disagreements recently building up between Manni and Chris, that this would affect the productivity and creativity in a bad way.
Because of all this Manni decided to leave GRAVE DIGGER.
This happened by mutual consent . We wish Manni all the best for the future and say thank you for many nice and eventful years.
But we also have some good news:
There is no effect on the concerts that are already booked.
The last word about the replacement guitar player is not spoken yet.
« We first want to wait for the results of the rehearsals. After this we will introduce you to the replacement guitarist. We already spoke to a possible candidate and we will start the rehearsals in the next days. »

Up the Irons

Chris, Stefan, HP and Jens »

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