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Cult Of Luna: album en 2013

Par • 5 Nov, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

Pour janvier

Indie rec. annonce un nouvel album pour Cult Of Luna dès le 25 janvier 2013.

Il s’intitulera «vertikal»

Résumé du communiqué original :

“Vertikal” marks a muchanticipated return for the band after five years spent cultivating the ideas and directing the influences that have helped form a concept
for the album. Distilled throughout are themes of machinery, repetition and clear, linear structures honed to the visual imagery of Fritz Lang’s classic expressionist science fiction film ‘Metropolis’. The music broods, builds and boils as you may expect from Cult of Luna, but never over‐complicates itself or veers from its intentions; it is arguably their finest and most cohesive piece of work to date.

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