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Cradle of Filth : édition limitée prévue

Par • 22 Sep, 2010 • Catégorie: Actualités

message de Dani

Le prochain album « darkly, darkly Venus aversa » est prévu début novembre et une édition limitée avec 2cds, un dvd et un livret de 64 pages, des photos pour environ 50£ .

Communiqué original de Dani Filth, leader de la formation anglaise :

« Greetings to thee, great army of darkness,

We are currently working like rabid dogs on the extra special fan edition of the album. The final details of what exactly will be in this super deluxe set are being finalised as we look at all possible options to make this the best Cradle Of Filth release that we have ever created, the ultimate version of our ultimate album. For you, our loyal mortal appreciators.

This lavish set shall include 2CDs (replete with bonus tracks), a DVD, a hard-back 64 page book (band photos, musings and artwork), exclusive photo prints, a lenticular 3D version of the album cover art ready for framing, plus a few more unearthly treasures which we are currently in the midst of concocting.

This special set will only be available from www.peaceville.com/cradleoffilth  and will cost a maximum of £50. This set shall be strictly limited edition and once they sell out shall never be re-pressed, save only in Hell.

If you want the chance to order this monumental fan edition then sign up to this mailing list to receive a special pre-order notification, which will give you the chance to order the set 24 hours before the final product is officially announced and offered for sale.

The devil is in the detail. »


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