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Angelica Rylin : album solo

Par • 15 Nov, 2012 • Catégorie: Actualités

The solo of my sweet

Angelica Rylin, connue pour être la chanteuse de The Murder Of My Sweet, prépare actuellement un album solo de rock mélodique (date de sortie non dévoilée).

Enregistré avec la complicité de son partenaire Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet)

La preuve en vidéo avec quelques moments filmés en studio:

Communiqué original:

An exciting new AOR music star is born: Swedish singer Angelica Rylin (The Murder of My Sweet) has decided to pursue her childhood dream and thus started recording an all Melodic Rock album affair under the direction of Daniel Flores on the production. « I always wanted to record an album like this » says Angelica, « my childhood heroes were Robin Beck, Ann Wilson of Heart, Leigh Matty of Romeo’s Daughter ».

Some Melodic Rock songwriting luminaries worked hard to create the magic harmonies and music that will be displayed on Angelica’s debut album. « Harry Hess, Daniel Flores, Robert Sall and Anders Wigelius all contributed » continues Angelica and some excellent guitarists such as Jesper Stromblad (In Flames), Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear), Per Berquist (Smash Into Pieces) also appear on the album. There is also a very special performance by keyboardist Matt Guillory (James LaBrie). « This being my first solo record I now have the chance to show you another side of me. This is the next chapter, I hope you’ll follow! » concludes Angelica.

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